Priyanka Chopra inspires a special association !

Priyanka Chopra inspires a special association with American and Indian comedians


Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra, may have wowed the who’s who of the West but the actress apart from going where no Indian has gone before, is also inspiring some exciting tie-ups and associations between the USA and India.

Inspired by the global icon and everything she represents, a popular American comedy troupe called Tenderloins and a digital media company, Culture Machine, recently announced an exciting venture called “Comedy Knockout”, impressed with the kind of “worldwide treasures” India is producing .

She really is something special. Thank you, India,” Quinn and his group are so taken in with India that they now plan to add an Indian touch to their profession.Known as Impractical Jokers, they will be hosting a digital comedy challenge titled ‘Sprite Comedy Knockout by Culture Machine’ in association with Culture Machine.Talking of the association, Quinn said

“We are just becoming aware of the burgeoning comedy industry in India. The best comedy comes from a specific view point, and there is no doubt that the Indian culture has it is own take on the world. We are going to challenge these amazing talents to do what we do best, embarrass themselves in the name of laughter.

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