Beiimaan Love review: Bollywood Movie 2016.

Beiimaan Love review


There were two things that struck me while watching Beiimaan Love.

First that this was the first Sunny Leone-starrer I was watching that required her to emote, that gave her a meaty, well-rounded role with shades of grey but also ensured there were enough scenes of seduction to satisfy her fans.

 Tracking the contours of her shapely figure, it certainly takes the pressure off the leading man to maintain his six-pack.

But I have gotten ahead of myself. There is a story to writer-director-producer Rajeev Chaudhari’s love drama Beiimaan Love and it’s all about vengeance.

First the drunk and philandering heir to a jewelry business Raj Malhotra (Duggall) wants to avenge the humiliation meted out to him by Sunaina Verma (Leone) when she slaps him in public.

The final question is who will win the in this game of deception and heartbreak? Certainly not the audience, though one must credit Sunny Leone’s dubbing artist for bringing authenticity and Chaudhari for casting Leone against type – as a shrewd marketing MBA and woman entrepreneur of the year and all.

Leone may have limited acting skills but whatever she does, she does with such sincerity – whether as the homely daughter or the savvy businesswoman or even as the deeply in love girl – that you do root for her Sunaina. Duggal postures well, but other than he appears to be following directing cues to the T, bringing little depth to his part.

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